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FEY Laminar Rings
FEY Laminar Rings were initially used to seal pistons and cylinders on internal combustion engines. Hundreds of European companies have used FEY Laminar Rings to seal their manufactured equipment. The FEY ring is a uniquely designed sealing ring set. FEY Rings come in many different styles, designed specifically to handle the requirements of a particular application, making them useful in many industries. The materials, designs, manufacturing techniques and application expertise make FEY Rings, the laminar seal that provides the proper seal; not something that fits a groove.
Sealing Rings
Non-contacting (labyrinth) seals. Can be used as grease seals to provide protection against the ingress of dust and moisture. Sealing Rings can be used for sealing axial components in exhaust gas system for Hydraulic Systems, Bearings, internal combustion engines, manifold and sheet metal pipe connections.
Retaining Rings
Various applications include: transmissions on agricultural and construction equipment, shipbuilding, aerospace and automotive applications. They are also used for winches, pulleys, roller bearings and vertical drive shafts.
Piston Rings
These rings are used in conjunction with cast iron piston rings in both rebuilt and new engines. Cast iron piston rings are not required for hydralulic and pneumatic pistons or shock absorbers. They are also used for freedom and drop forging machines and presses.
Ring Carrier Seals
Ring Carrier Seals are molded plastic components matched with a FEY Sealing Ring Solution. They are used as spacers and seals for grease lubricated bearings. They can be equipped with an additional sealing lip for applications where high levels of splash water are encountered.
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