Regal Services
Regal Services is a leading Engineering Solutions Provider focusing on import of Equipments, Critical Spares & Supply Chain Management & detail design engineering Services for Steel, Power, Oil & Gas and Heavy engineering Industries since last 25 years from OVERSEAS SOURCES. We have well networked offices located in India with corporate head quarter in Calcutta, With the global input into the Indian Industry, India has become a hub of opportunities , wherein Regal Services plays a pivotal role to manage the supply chain and acts as a resourcing agent for all critical procurement in India. India is widely explored by the world market leaders in the engineering verticals through their newly evolved technology and financial inflows.
The ever increasing demand in engineering equipments, machineries, & spares from overseas OEM’s are becoming mandatory to run the current production level on all segments. This has an additional momentum by an industrial growth in India. The increment of newly funded sectors like Steel, Petrochemical, Power, Automobiles, Railways, Machine Tools, Engineering Industry has given a further thrust for an additional demand in the supply chain management, in critical spares for the maintenance program of the heavy industrial machineries in all segment coupled with new projects.
Regal has focused its growth with its extensive knowledge and understanding in the critical areas tied with its proficient know-how and expertise through the established channel of association. We are dedicated to represent, market, warehouse, and provide after sales service of OEM’s and Manufacturing organizations from USA / Canada / UK/ and Europe for the Indian industry and play a proactive role for seamless operations of running the equipment which was installed and procured from overseas sources . Our profound knowledge of the market segment is well communicated to our partners overseas and as well as to our end-user customers so as to make both of them comfortable to utilize our services. Techno-commercial and cultural bridging between manufacturers and the end-user sometimes become a stumbling block for concluding a business, that too in the Indian market wherein Regal Services possesses the skill to act as the most trusted and dependable organization for sales / service and solution provider to both the parties from which everyone has a benefit over time, price and quality of the product and services and Regal Services is now an established brand to reckon with dependability, transparency and the trustworthiness by the industries in India.
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