Industrial Filter System


Exhaust and Filter systems for Dust and Aerosol contamination:
Central Exhaust Systems : with cross sections in 610 mm Euro Grid dimensions, variable enclosure depth facilitating multiple filter depth.
De-central System: MultiTron Compact Electrostatic Precipitator -with Pre-filter unit, E.S. Precipitator unit with Ionizer & Collector and Lotus Insulator using Nanotechnology for dirt roll-off, Universal Filter unit and Fan unit .
Power Connection :50 & 60 Hz at 230 & 400 VAC.
Compact mist separator for Emulsions and Solid particles :
Multi Air Premium: Pre-Filter, Separator & Fan units- Modular technology , Regenerable pre-filters ( classes G2 to F5, in accordance with EN 779), AeroPlus fine-filter cells (filter classes F7 to H13, in accordance with EN 779 or EN 1822), Power fans (230 and 400 V, 50 and 60 Hz), up to total pressure increase of 180 daPa , Plug-on and quickly exchangeable seals with steel core , MultiTronic filter-control with pressure-drop monitoring of all filter stages.
Multi Master Vario System
Modular system- intelligently interconnects mechanical filter media, roll filters, electrostatic precipitators, and activated-carbon filters. MultiMaster-Vario is employed in HVAC systems, process-air applications, and air-intake filter systems for gas turbines Air-flow ratings range from 6,000 to 400,000 m3/h
Air Intake Filter Systems for Gas Turbins, Compressors, Engines and Process Air
Static Filter systems, Pulse Filter systems, Deep Bed Cartridge system, Anti-Icing system, and Intertia filter systems. Standard systems include-Rotary Oil Bath Filter, Large Centrifugal Air Filters for combustion air of Industrial Diesel Engines and intake Air of Compressors, Universal Duct Air Filter and Replacement Air Filters.
Roll Filter system
ROLLO MAT -The continuous filter designed for minimum maintenance is of the filter class G3 (European standard EN 779) type and handles air flows from 7,950 to 528,840 m3/hr. OEM FILTER ROLLS- G 3 Fibroband roll , Class G 3 filter roll Fibroband 412
RotoClean Hydrostatic Precipitator:
The RotoClean precipitator uses water to collect dust which will normally settle on the bottom of the reservoir. Other particulates will form emulsions or go into solution. Application is for air laden with aluminum dust and foundry extract air are typical assignments. Air flow rate between 2,550 and 81,600m3/hr. , 160 daPa nominal pressure loss
Multi Jet-Cartridge type dust collector
The dust-laden gas entering the dust collecting chamber is diverted upward by 90° and made to flow through the filter cartridges from the outside to the inside. The dust is deposited on the outside of the bags and forms a filter cake
Multi clean
Universal duct air filter system , Separation from oil mist to microfine dust , One, two three or four-stage filter assembly version , Filter classes from G 3 to H 13 , Regenerative and disposable filter medium. All-round flange on the dirty and clean air sides European standard size 610/610. Operating pressures from ± 200 daPa and ± 5000 daPa.
The EuroJet is a so-called cartridge dust collector, that means the polluted air will be cleaned with the aid of filter cartridges. Adjustable filter media are cellulose and polyester in various applications.
Multicase Box
All kinds of Fliters and Filter classes upt o F9. Application range from Air-conditioning plants over oil & mist separation to air intake of Gas turbines
Univeral duct air filtration system. From pre-filter to end filter class, Filter classes from G 3 to F 9, Galvanized and stainless steel versions , Suitable for installation both indoors and outdoors , in standard European size 610/610.